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2022 Tax Tips

2022 - like 2021 - has been a very unique year where everyone has been impacted in some way, shape or form. Below is some information that may be helpful as you start gathering information for your 2022 tax return. 

  • 2022 Income Tax Guide and Organizer- a four page quick and easy way to verify what information should be gathered for your tax return.
  • 2022 In-depth Tax Guide and Organizer- a twenty-three page organizer that goes more in-depth as to various potential tax scenarios than the Basic Tax Guide and Organizer such as rental property. 
  • The SECURE Act - may help you understand the most recent changes to your IRA and your RMD implemented with the SECURE Act.  Still have questions? Read more about the Lesser Known Provisions of the SECURE Act.
  • Medicare Advantage 101 - an overview of Medicare Advantage, what's in them, special rules, and more.
  • How to Make the Tax Code Work for You - when you take the time to learn more about how it works, you may be able to put the tax code to work for you.
  • How to Appeal Your Property Taxes - for homeowners who think their property taxes are too high, there are ways to appeal.
  • Six Most Overlooked Tax Deductions - six overlooked tax deductions to help manage your tax bill.
  • Trends in Charitable Giving - some people may want a more advanced gifting strategy that can maximize their gift and generate potential tax benefits.
  • "Dirty Dozen" Tax Scams to Watch For - every year the IRS releases its list of tax scams, spotlighting some ways that people try to separate you from your money.

Note:  United Planners and its representatives do not provide tax advice.  This is for informational purposes only.